Why Smart Businesses Never Skip Beta Testing

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We talk a lot about the significance of multiple test cycles during software development, but beta testing – the last phase of testing before release – is the cherry on top. Consumers have evolved dramatically in recent years, and developers must deliver higher standards than ever before. As such, crowdsourced beta testing is one of the most crucial stages of a project: it’s your chance to fill in the gaps, smooth out the creases and achieve a successful outcome.

Bug removal

Bug removal is arguably the essence of product testing. While you can detect and remove bugs post-launch through software updates, beta testing is the best time to put your product under the microscope and ensure it is as close to bug-free as possible in time for launch. It is a particularly useful time to check any changes you have made since development started, to be sure no new bugs have surfaced.

Mobile app stores have tight restrictions against buggy products, and beta testing plays a big part in getting yours approved. Mobile app stores have tight restrictions against buggy products, and #beta #testing plays a big part in getting yours approved.


Many of the earlier testing stages are spent trying to optimise multiple areas without upsetting the overall quality of the product. Beta testing is the biggest and most important opportunity to ensure the app has maximum usability, allowing users to perform all desired functions successfully. This is at the core of any product: if a user has any trouble performing a task, they’ll move on to a competitor without a second thought.

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User experience

Believe it or not, usability and user experience aren’t the same thing. While usability makes sure a user can accomplish their goal, user experience focuses on how they feel while they do it. As this involves more emotional connections and personal preferences, it can be a tricky field to navigate. But feedback gained through beta testing is your most valuable resource for perfecting user experience, the crème de la crème of software products. Ultimately, it’s the difference between your customers saying “this app works” and “I LOVE this app”.


The performance of your product is closely linked to usability and user experience. Now that your project has been through its infancy, beta testing should involve comprehensive performance analysis to ensure everything runs quickly and smoothly in all environments. This includes testing with different devices, browsers, operating systems, locations, temperatures and any other variables that may be encountered, all of which are far easier to examine through crowdsourced beta testing than in a controlled laboratory.

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Beta testers expect some bugs to appear, as they are very aware they aren’t using the final version. If your product is close to ready and creates a good impression with early users, chances are it will generate discussion about its upcoming release. It’s not unknown for a relatively unknown app to reach beta testing and build enormous anticipation based on the early impressions of testers.


While you can tweak and update your software after release, it costs more to do so as you’re affecting a larger audience. By getting as much improvement as you can during the beta testing phase, you spend less money detecting issues, developing a fix and implementing the change to your product.

Beta testing is at the core of any product.  Ultimately, it’s the difference between saying “this app works” and “I LOVE this app!” – via @Crowdsprint

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