What is crowdsourced testing

Crowdsourced testing is an innovative way to obtain testing services from a large community of testers and users across the globe, collaborating online using a cloud platform like Crowdsprint under the close management and guidance of our professional test management team.

A global community of professional testers and customer-like users

Across countries

Collaborating on our securedĀ online platform

Guided and managed by expert test managers

We ramp up 25 to 250 testers in matter of hours to test your digital apps from our global pool of 20,000+ registered testers. We also have thousands of customer-like registered users across various demographic segments to participate in usability testing and customer experience studies.

Ramp up 25 to 250 testers in matter of hours

User experience tested by your desired user-base demographies

We complete testing of web, mobile and cloud apps at a rapid speed. Small to medium test cycles are delivered overnight or over the weekends. Large test cycles are completed within a week

We test your digital apps

Web apps

Mobile apps

Cloud apps

We test unique devices

On 20 to 50 unique device combinations

As we can ramp up 25 to 250 testers from the crowd, we increase the test coverage by 2 to 4 times than with traditional methods. Large volume of testers can discover significantly larger volume of defects (2 to 4 times) in a very short duration, when compared to traditional methods.

Fastest and most efficient way to test

Delivering results in 2 to 5 days

Increase the test coverage by 2 to 4 times

Discover significantly larger volume of defects

As the crowd has access to a wide variety of devices, we increase the device coverage by 5 to 10 times without increasing the cost. And unlike undertaking test cycles using devices in controlled test laboratory conditions, crowdsourced testing leverages real users executing various real-life test scenarios on real devices on real networks

Increase device coverage 5 to 10 times

Tested by real users, on real devices, on real networks

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