User Acceptance Testing

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Why is critical to use User Acceptance Testing?

You and your team have worked hard. Slogging, sweating and engaging every once of your expertise to craft an exciting new website or app. Now you want to launch it to the world!  
Do you really need to wait to draw back the curtain to see if your digital product will fly or flop? If you do, it may be too late. But how do you quickly asses the quality, functionality and design of your website or app before your users do?  
It’s called User Acceptance Testing or UAT. It is process of verifying that your website or app works for ‘the user’ the way you intended it to before it is rolled out to the market. It is the final and arguably the most critical phase of testing, because when executed correctly, it will help you reduce both time and cost, while increasing customer satisfaction. 

UAT will help you catch bugs and failures before they cost you. 

Bugs and glitches can appear in many forms and can have a negative impact on the user experience or worse, stop users from using your website or app altogether. Broken websites and apps can damage your brand’s image and lead to a loss of clientssales and reputation.  
This is where crowdsourced user acceptance testing can help you. 

Know what users want, by seeing your product through their eyes

Think about it, what better way to test your website or app than through the power of the crowd i.e.the users who will use your product and who can best help you pinpoint any refinements that you need to make. Through Crowdsprint’s platform you can conduct your UAT by harnessing over 20,000 testers in 100 countries.

Through the power of the crowd we’ll help you

  • Capture all user behaviors 
  • Simplify the product experience 
  • Help you make improvements 
  • Deeply understand your users 
  • And increase feature adoption
  • Make sure new functionality is working as intended 
  • Identify holes, gaps and tech problems 
  • Recommend optimisation decisions 

Get your product tested by real users in real-world scenarios 

During live, crowdsourced test scenarios, hand-picked users will test for elements like: 

  • How fast can they accomplish their tasks? 
  • How many errors do they encounter along their journey? 
  • Is your product better than the competition? 
  • How easy is it for them to learn the basic functions? 
  • How much do they like the system? 
  • And so much more… 

Together we’ll create a UAT case plan, provide test execution and analyse test results in real-time. It’s easy! Simply apply your UAT to the Crowdsprint’s platform, upload your test design and voila, know where your users get stuck and where you can improve. 

Plus, you can access everything from the convenience of the Crowdsprint dashboard. 

Crowdsprint is one of the leading crowdsourced testing companies in the world. With our deep industry experience and access to a huge pool of crowdsourced testers and digital experience experts ready to start your UAT project today.  

Don’t leave your website or app launch to chance! Serve the best version of your digital product to your users and craft a great experience from day one. 

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