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Understand your users motivations, behaviours and goal

In today’s rapid digital transforming landscape, one of the most innovative ways to keep your website or app at the leading-edge of the competition, and on top of your audiences minds, is to closely understand your users motivations, behaviours and goal.

Let’s face it, if your website or app isn’t easy to use, has a complicated purchase process or is slow and clunky, it doesn’t matter how great your product is or how amazingly it is marketed—you’ll lose your users in a

If you create a poor user experience for your users they will go elsewhere. You’ll lose brand loyalty and your competitive advantage and conversion rates will nose-dive.

That’s why it is vital to provide your users with a free flowing experience when they use your website or app, one that they can navigate smoothly and move from A to B without a hitch as quickly and easily as possible.

So how can we help you craft the ideal user experience?

The key is to engage usability testing before you launch your website or app to ensure it is user-friendly and works seamlessly with real users in real scenarios—all the time.

This is where the power of the crowd really shines.

Through Crowdsprint’s usability testing, you can harness the power of the crowd to discover any hidden bugs, browser or device issues or usability errors on your website or app and iron out any wrinkles before launch.

What do you get with usability testing?

  • Real-world UX feedback from end-users
  • Users from target demography
  • Usability testing cycles managed by our experienced test managers
  • Results, Analysis & Summary Reports
  • Visibility to data collected

Some of the usability techniques we use:

  • User Interface (UI) testing & effect discovery (issue reporting)
  • Think-aloud videos (remote usability video feedback/ audio feedback with screen recording)
  • Only Surveys and feedback polls
  • Usability Expert Assessment
  • Real user/customer feedback & suggestions for improvements
  • Qualitative research
  • Tree testing
  • Remote interviews

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