The different types of testing


Functional Testing

Make your software work flawlessly by testing it before deployment.

Functional testing is a quality assurance (QA) process that ensures your website, application or software’s main functions work according to design specifications.

This includes everything from text inputting and the application’s core functions, to ensuring menus and shopping carts perform correctly, and even installation and setup processes.

With crowdsourced testing you can test your ideas quickly and drastically reduce the cost of testing compared to traditional testing methods.

Our Functional Testing Services include:

  • Functional Exploratory Testing
  • Functional Test Case Execution

Security testing

Defend your reputation and assets – Use security testing to mitigate risk

Everyone is aware of the threat from hackers: denial of service attacks, website vandalism, data theft and network trespassing.

What’s less well known is how best to manage these risks. Organisations need security testing that’s not only comprehensive, but delivered efficiently.

At crowdsprint, our reputation rests on our rigorous approach to helping organisations deliver high quality applications that are functionally correct, stable and equally important, secure.

Security testing provides intelligence gathering, and determines how potentially vulnerable your mobile, web and cloud-based apps are to malicious attacks.

Our crowdsourced testers are registered ethical hackers and members of security groups such as: OWASP, NULL and DEFCON. Test summary reports explain defects and potential risks, to help you reduce these prior to deployment.


Technology is driving customer empowerment through digital disruption.

Finding the right competitive response is complex and regardless if you are a CMO, CIO, CTO, CDO or a C-something in-between, you need to act fast across multiple layers of your business, and take a new approach to how strategies are developed, tested and executed.

To help, crowdsprint provides a testing capability that is agile and responsive, so you can attract, acquire and retain customers in the digital world. We enable you to bring your mobile, web or cloud-based ideas to life.

Whether developing a single app or transforming an entire enterprise, crowdsprint’s Usability Testing services help organisations to execute on their digital roadmap.

Usability testing reveals whether users feel comfortable with your mobile, web or cloud-based app according to different parameters. Is the application user-friendly or not? Test the ease with which the user interfaces can be used, the flow, navigation, layout, speed, content and more. Usability testing is especially useful in comparison to prior or similar applications.

You are provided with detailed feedback and a test summary report that includes think aloud videos, a validated defects log, usability suggestions, screenshots and video attachments.


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