The Future of Product Testing Will Be Defined by People Like You

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An interview with Bala Kalimuthu, Product Owner – Crowdsprint

It’s hard to count the ways in which the digital age has transformed life as we know it. If I mention the Internet, smartphones and social media, it just scratches the surface of how significantly the world has been impacted by new technology in recent years, let alone in my lifetime. Product testing is no exception: having already seen huge growth in the crowdsourcing sector, it’s clear to me that the future holds even bigger and better possibilities for crowd testers.

Where we are now

It doesn’t seem so long ago that laboratory testing was more than enough to prepare a digital project for launch: you might only need to test an application across half a dozen devices and browsers to make sure it’s ready to go. With the exponential growth of the digital world, there are thousands of unique combinations of devices, models, operating systems, browsers and a host of other factors that need to be considered.

No lab in the world can cope with this level of change – which is why the world of product testing has needed to adapt at a rapid rate. There are more than two billion smartphones in the world today, meaning almost everyone has access to a pocket minicomputer. As such, all software applications – both internal and external – are being optimised for web and mobile to meet this demand.

web and mobile applications

Gone are the days when software products were technology-focused and restricted to specialised users. Today, any online or mobile application needs to be customer-centric. I’ve seen product testing grow over many years, and never has there been such a strong focus on usability.

Crowdsourcing the testing process significantly improves quality assurance. At crowdsprint, we test software products with real users on real devices and real networks in real world environments. You get the idea. We have access to over 100,000 testers in our network, meaning we can always test a project in ways that would never be possible in a lab setting. 

What we will see in the future

The impact of the crowd will reach far and wide, affecting all manner of industries.

Customers, suppliers, employees and the public – because if users like you and I don’t find an app easy to use, it’s certain to fail.

What it means to be a crowd tester

The beauty of crowdsourced testing is that anyone can be a part of it. From full-time professionals to university students, it’s an exciting time to get involved in a field that is only getting bigger.

For professional testers in a developed country like Australia, you can’t possibly ignore such a huge trend that is already shaking up your industry, and not just because it’s a great way to earn extra income. As a crowd tester, you’ll get opportunities to participate in huge digital initiatives undertaken by large enterprises such as AMP, Village Roadshow, William Hill and many others. For those in a developing country like India, crowd testing may even offer better remuneration and reward than your current job. The rewards are too big to miss out on.

However, crowd testing isn’t just for full-time professionals. It’s a fantastic opportunity for uni students looking for valuable industry experience; stay at home parents who want a bit of extra income; and just about anyone else looking for extra work. There’s no prior experience required to get started, so get involved and see where crowd testing can take you.

So why join crowdsprint?

Crowdsprint is at the forefront of the product testing industry, and is the perfect place to start your journey as a tester. You’ll be a part of a platform that helps our customers and partners test digital products with twice the coverage in half the time and half the budget.

We reward your performance, offer interesting work, help you hone your skills and open new doors for full-time, part-time or casual work – all while you work flexibly and earn extra income. I encourage you to at least read more about becoming a crowd tester or email and discover the potential of joining such a promising industry.

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