Testing Methods for Digital Projects Has Evolved …. Into Something Glorious

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Technological milestones that were thought impossible only decade ago have since come to fruition and likewise, current impossible milestones will similarly be met in another decade. The human race is continually surging forwards when it comes to discovering new and innovative ways of thinking about a problem. Much like the rise of smartphones, apps, ever shrinking microchips and the like, we can now add crowdsourced testing to the growing list of innovative ideas.

Not only has this new method redefined how testers obtain quantitative and qualitative data, but it’s also smashing costs and time restraints out of the park. It’s relatively simple, but the results are staggering and truly speak for themselves. Consider, for example, if you could do one of the following:

  • Locking down 50 testers in Australia within 2 days
  • Locking down 200 testers around the globe in 2 days
  • Completing 80% of a test execution cycle in 2 days
  • Reporting 155 defects in one night
  • Reporting 234 defects in 2 days
  • Doubling your test coverage in half the time for half the cost

Give your software, application, or website the best chance to succeed

It doesn’t matter whether your idea is based on functionality, performance, exploration, user experience (UX), design, or security testing, crowdsourced testing will outperform, outlast, and outplay any other testing method.

Tailor your testing parameters

One of the many benefits of crowd-testing is the flexibility to prioritise testing of specific software features. Mark test cases to be automated, or assign regression tests to test cycles. You can even hand-select the testers who work on your project determined by their current experience and required skills.

Test for potential bugs and defects

Crowdtesters are essentially the watchdogs of your digital project and will identify any bugs or user experience problems before it’s released to the general public. You’ll also be able to test under certain scenarios to thoroughly evaluate functionality and the UX of your app, website, or software.

Redefine your software

All of the validated results you receive will give your developers the potential to not only fix your software, but actually improve it.

Transform test data into actionable insights

With crowdsourced testing, every defect is reviewed, evaluated and validated. High-severity defects are reproduced and evaluated across multiple devices and platforms. All defects are outlined succinctly, accompanied by screenshots/videos, frequency and severity, etc.

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