Joining the crowd is easy, and filling jobs is too.

Joining the crowd is easy, and filling jobs is too.



People just like you have joined the revolutionary movement of crowdsourced testing, giving their feedback ,and identifying bugs in websites and apps. It doesn't require you to be a technical person, you can simply give feedback from wherever you are, as long as you have internet access and a device!

You'll get access to testing cycles that assist in improving the latest mobile apps, games, websites and digital initiatives before they go live. The best part... You can participate from anywhere and at anytime. No prior experience is required!

We offer interesting work, reward your performance, help you hone your skills and open new doors for full-time, part-time or casual work, all while you work flexibly and earn extra income.

When you sign up here, you can begin creating your profile and tell us a bit about yourself so we can send you test cycles specific to your interests! By filling out a skills and proficiency profile, we are able to target test cycles specifically to your strengths, enabling you to earn rewards, money and more!

You’re probably wondering how much money can I make?! We do not pay an hourly rate as each project has a different model of payment. When you sign up for a project, it will clearly outline the payment rates in the requirements page. With some projects, you’re paid for your time, with others you’re paid for each valid bug you find, and occasionally it’s a mix of both.


  • Pay per defect
  • Pay per test case 
  • Pay per device
  • Pay per hour
  • Pay per survey
  • Pay per suggestion
  • Pay per narrative video
  • Pay per bonuses (10+ bonus types)

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One Tester worked part time for 10 days during week-ends and after-hours and earned AUD $2800!

Another Tester in Australia, worked part time for 7 days during week-ends and after-hours and earned AUD $1256 (Over 62,000 in Indian Rupees, which is higher than his full time monthly salary.)

5 non-technical users were paid AUD $100 each for submitting a 10 minute video of themselves using a simple website for our usability study on one of our client websites!

Still have more questions around payment for joining our team of global testers? Reach out to us anytime at admin@crowdsprint.com.