​Answers to common questions

What is Crowdsourced Testing?

Crowdsourced testing puts companies with testing projects in touch with software testers from around the world via a cloud-based platform. With crowdsprint Crowdsourced Testing, we manage our cloud-platform to foster teamwork, camaraderie, and healthy competition between our freelance testers.

​Who can join our testing community?

To give our clients high-quality testing services, we’re looking for freelance testers with professional software testing experience, as well as those who match the target profiles of the software being tested ... the minimum requirement is having an internet connected device.

If you have professional testing experience, there are a few basic criteria that you need to fulfil:

  • You need to own an internet connected tablet, computer or mobile device.
  • You need to possess sound English-writing skills.
  • You need to be self-motivated to deliver high-quality testing services while working from home.

To deliver high-quality testing services takes time, skill and practice, as well as self-motivation. We’re looking for hard-working testers who consistently provide solid results in terms of defects found and the quality of the reports filed.

​Do I qualify for testing projects?

To ensure you qualify for the maximum number of testing projects available, please ensure you answer all questions in your tester profile. Also, remember to upload a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and an identity check document.

Your suitability for a crowdsourced testing project depends upon:

  • What device(s) you use for testing
  • Your testing experience
  • Where you live and what language you speak
  • Whether you have signed an NDA
  • Your performance on previous projects with us

For some projects, especially usability testing, our clients may also require testers of a particular age, nationality, gender, etc.

We’ll let you know via email when suitable crowdsourced testing projects become available.

Upon joining a cycle, please wait for our Project Manager to give their approval before you begin testing and raising defects.

How long does a project last?

A project’s length depends upon how much testing is required. To find out roughly how much time you need to set aside, please refer to a project’s requirements. When you start a testing project, ensure you have enough time available to finish it.

Our Test Managers monitor the performance of all our freelance testers, including how many valid defects each tester logs, and whether testers have completed all required testing tasks.

Can I get involved with more than one project at a time?

No. To avoid our freelance testers taking on too much work, you are only allowed to work on one project at a time. You must finish the project you are working on before starting a new project.

How is my performance as a tester assessed?

It’s important to note that we require all our freelance testers to deliver high-quality testing work.

The quality of your testing work is assessed in two ways: firstly, with the quality of the written descriptions for each defect you find; secondly, with the number, type and severity of the defects you find.

How much will I earn?

There are different models of payment for different projects. Your payment rates are always mentioned in the requirements page for each project. With some projects you’re paid for your time, with other projects you’re paid for each valid bug you find, and occasionally it’s a mix of both.

Where do I have to work from?

Anywhere. It doesn’t matter where you live. All we require is that you have professional experience as a software tester, a PayPal account, and you can write clear, concise defect reports in English.

If I have a full-time job, can I be a crowdsourced tester?

A lot of our freelance crowdtesters also hold full-time jobs and use our freelance testing projects to earn extra money. As long as your work contract doesn’t explicitly forbid additional freelance employment, you’re welcome to join our crowdsourced testing community.