A Test Cycle We Facilitated For An International Airline

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The term mile-high earned itself a new meaning for one international airline when they adopted crowd-sourced testing. This airline gained mile-high satisfaction whilst having their products tested by a global team of software testers.

Did they have to do anything to gain user insights and find defects in their newly developed software? Nope! Their test cycle was coordinated and managed by crowdsprint while they continued sailing through the sky.

Any organisation seeking software testing can quickly and easily gain access to the world’s largest pool of testers, while keeping costs down.

For this airline, 25 active testers commenced assessment of this airline’s retail portal, within the launch of the test cycle.

It wasn’t long before the testers identified and reported 81 defects. Not only did this prevent any of the defects from being discovered by future customers, but it empowered this airline to accelerate on their runway-to-market for their exciting new product.

By taking the product to crowdsprint:

  • The test execution was carried out within four days.
  • Additional testers were added to accelerate and maximise defect detection.
  • A local crowd testing consultant was provided, in addition to an account manager.

Our crowd testers were a part of this. They were given the opportunity to test the software of an international airline and in addition earn extra income in their own time.

The top three testers in this test cycle earned $264 USD, $178 USD and $173 USD while working from anywhere and on any connected device! We test on multiple operating systems.

In a world where the demand for flexible work opportunities is on the rise, access to software testing is the kind of news anyone can feel good about.

Taking your product to crowdsourced testing enables your business to get back to what you do best. Having our platform facilitate testing with our global network of testers, gives you that competitive advantage.


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