Retail & E-commerce

When customers visit your retail or e-commerce web, mobile or cloud apps, they expect two things: a seamless experience and getting things done fast.

Without those two elements your customers will not be able to have a pleasant shopping experience, resulting in loss of customers, sales and eventually lost of revenue for your business.

To ensure a uniform experience on every transaction, and step you take, it’s vital that you engage both functional testing and user experience testing for your e-commerce website or app before and after launch.

Using our crowd testing platform and managed services, we’ll help you develop an optimal testing strategy that fits your needs, resulting in a bug-free website or app, faster loading times and rapid navigation.

Our clients have performed functional testing, cross device and user experience testing among others, to ensure an uninterrupted digital experience for their clients.


Media & Entertainment

Today is the era of fast flowing, easily accessible digital media and entertainment content.

Whether your customers are paying for online viewing, searching through digital libraries, consuming music, information or video, it’s vital to be in control, at all times, on all your apps and websites.

Also, not only must your content be interesting, it must also quickly stream and load on any device and in any location. It also needs to be easily accessible and instantly available around the clock to keep users engaged and to beat your competition.

Use Crowdsprints global community of website and app testing professionals and real users to ensure that your Media or Entertainment web, mobile or cloud apps perform in real-world conditions, serve perfectly every time, are free of functionality errors and ultimately delight your consumers.

Our clients in this sector have performed functional testing and user experience testing to ensure quality of entertainment and media consumption. We’ll harness the power of the crowd so your websites and apps will seamlessly inform and entertain.


Travel & Leisure

Today, the fast pace and ever-changing sector of on-demand travel and leisure demands that as a business you need to always be on your feet with the newest trends, information and technology.

Whether your customers are browsing for hotels or restaurants, booking flights, or planning an adventure, the first step in preparing for their holiday sets the tone for the rest of their experience.

That’s why it’s so important for your website, mobile or cloud app to be fast, seamless and friendly to every user at every step of their journey whether they are at home or overseas.

By crowdsource testing your web or mobile application with Crowdsprint, you can ensure that your platform gives your customers the confidence to book, plan and navigate anytime and anywhere they find themselves.


Government & Public Services

Governments and public service companies spend millions of dollars to design, develop and deploy digital service portals for residents and businesses.

All this effort to provide easy and efficient access to government services as well allow data and information to flow seamlessly and securely between websites and mobile apps.

With the scramble to create fast solutions and user-friendly websites and mobile apps, naturally Governments are harnessing the power of the crowd to build their platforms.

If you’re in this sector, Crowdsprint offers you a full suite of crowdsourced testing and usability tools to safeguard and protect the privacy of users while delivering secure, fully integrated capabilities on any device and in any location.


Financial Services &

When it comes to the finance and insurance industry, there are no compromises.

This is because users of web and mobile applications from the financial or insurance sector expect you to keep their private data safe and secure.

That’s why it’s vital that your online banking apps or insurance portals provide consumers with a high sense of security and peace of mind – at all times.

Bugs and glitches that might cause serious issues, such as unwanted transactions or the loss of critical information, can lead to your customers losing trust in your digital products and, by extension, your business.

Whereas meticulously functional, instructive and clear web portals and applications inspire trust and loyalty.

We’ll help you do just that, with a full suite of crowdsourced testing and usability testing tools that will safeguard and protect your customers privacy while delivering secure, fully integrated transaction capabilities on any device and in any location.


Any industry, anywhere, anytime

The Crowdsprint platform has one of the largest pools of real users and experienced testers in the world. Using our test management cloud-based platform will help you lower testing times, slash testing costs, increase test coverage, enhance product quality and increase brand acceptance. Crowdsprint will link your bright idea with crowdsourced testing solutions tailored to your unique industry, while amplifying the impact of your innovation testing team

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