Regression Testing

Prevent software fails on the performance of your digital products

When is Regression Testing important?

Changes performed to your web, mobile or cloud app

You may have come up with an amazing digital app with amazing features, but there may come about times when you might have to change a few codes or add a few features without compromising the existing performance of your website or app. A change in a single code or program can trigger a series of issues and defects.

These changes or additions may be multi-faceted and include software enhancements, configuration and patches in both functional and non-functional aspects of the overall software system.


Potential bug attacks

No developer wants to see their hard work go down the drain after an event of a bug attack. But sadly, bug attacks are common and can be a big hindrance on the way to creating user-friendly web, mobile or cloud apps. Such an attack not only makes digital products unfriendly but also jeopardises their overall safety and security.

This is where you need to leverage the power of crowdsourced testing.

What is Regression Testing?

It’s an integral part of the development and testing process which is used to confirm the suitability of a recent code or program change for the overall solution. It involves the complete or partial selection of previously executed test cases, re-executing them and ensuring that existing features and functionalities are working fine.

Using a systematic and planned approach to crowdsourced testing ensures that disruption is minimal and costs are under control. Our expert testers from the crowd have the know-how of bugs or defects and conduct an impact analysis of the various code changes. From re-test all to hybrid, Crowdsprint specialises in a wide range of crowdsourced testing techniques to ensure superior quality of the output.

Our testing approach to crowd regression testing includes:

  • Dependency analysis
  • Traceability matrix
  • Specific regression test pack
  • Change reports
  • Risk-factor analysis
  • Test case pruning

Why do you need crowdsourced regression testing?

Regression testing involves repeatable, automated and extensive testing of the product throughout the development cycle. You need our crowd regression testing for:

  • Identifying and eliminating bugs that emerge after a change is made to the application
  • Detecting undesirable sides that result from changes made to the operating environment
  • Supplementing the integration testing process
  • Verifying the impact of modifications and ensuring the correctness of previously tested codes
  • Saving time and money on making changes post-launch
  • Improving the overall quality of your software products

If software bugs or defective codes are damaging the quality of your website or mobile application, we can help you fix it using regression testing.

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