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How can you ensure your product idea will work?

If you simply described your website or app idea to a potential user, more than likely they would find it hard to understand or imagine what you’re trying to create and how to use it; resulting in poor feedback due to misunderstanding and inaccuracy.

However, there is a way to conclusively help your users interact with your product idea before you build it, so you can discover what they truly think of your new website or app idea and successfully validate it before you launch.

One of the best ways to do this is by crafting a prototype to beta test with your users so you can see how they interact with your website or app in the real world. Your next step is then to simply adjust your findings to match their expectations.

With a prototype, your users can quickly and conveniently see your website or app in action, giving you a broader view and a more focused probability of crafting a product they’ll be excited by and happy to use.

The major benefit of creating a basic prototype before development is to:

  • Quickly reveal hidden defects, bugs and errors in your prototype
  • Lower the costs by detecting changes before production
  • Assess users’ perceptions of your prototype early in the process

This, then, permits you to resolve any issues prior to making more significant production decisions, such as producing a mock-up or coding your design.

Gather prototype feedback faster

To save even more time and money you can harness the power of the crowd to revise, refine and improve your design concept on the fly in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks using traditional testing methods.

Using customer-like users from our community for prototype evaluation testing, can rapidly allow you to know if they discover any issues with your prototype, from the user standpoint, and then offer you alternative solutions based on their experience.

Tweak your prototype in unison with the crowd

Your ideal users can help you discover hidden bugs and errors while at the same time members of your testing and design team can begin working on components of your website or app UI—even if the design hasn’t been finalised yet.

It can help you and your team to:

  • Embrace a deeper level of efficiency while building
  • Spark hyper focused innovation along the way
  • Significantly speed-up prototype build time

Choosing crowdsourced testing for your web or mobile app in the pre-development phase of your product is a smart way to complement your internal prototype evaluation process.

None of which can be achieved through traditional small-scale testing initiatives.

When it comes to developing your prototype, the later you introduce changes, the more time you waste and the higher your costs. Avoid these by using Crowdsprint for your prototype evaluation testing.

We’ve effectively assisted hundreds of brands evaluate their website or app prototypes to delight and excite their audiences before launch. Let the team at Crowdsprint help you do the same with your prototype today.

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