Product Verification Testing

Remove bottlenecks and out-deliver your competition

Your website or app is a reflection of your distinctive brand. It’s a symbol for your existing and future customers and because of this it’s essential that your product is eye-catching, inspiring, user-friendly, highly functional and fast.

Your website or app must also be attuned to an ever-increasing number of mobile devices, operating systems and platforms while optimised for changing networks and speeds. Your users have short attention spans and even a tiny bug or glitch that goes unresolved will quickly bring their loyalties one step closer to your competitors.

That’s why it’s so critical to remove product bottlenecks and glitches before they happen.

Don’t lose your users because of a faulty website or app

Instead, take advantage of Crowdsprints crowdsourced production verification testing to make sure the live build of your website or app works as you intended it to be, in its new and final environment. Get it tested by thousands of real users who use your product.

Through Crowdsprints platform you can conduct your product verification testing service by harnessing over 20,000 testers in 100 countries.

The crowd will help ensure your build was done correctly, that all pieces are present and that everything including major components and new functionality are working as intended. They will help you to identify holes, gaps, and tech problems as well as helping you with improvements and recommend optimisation options.
Together we’ll create a product verification test case plan, provide test execution on our crowdsourced platform and help you analyse the results in real-time.


The crowd will help you test for elements like:

  • Website or app functionality 
  • Loading and performance problems 
  • Usability and navigation 
  • Mobile and/or browser/OS compatibility issues 
  • Security violations 
  • Localisation issues 
  • And much, much more… 

Use product verification testing to rapidly discover any potential issues in conjunction with your build and get access to timely data during all phases of your products development cycle vital to making assessments about your website or app prior to launch.

This will allow you to concentrate on the design, form and function of your website or app, while at the same time allowing the crowd to verify that your build functions as it should, on dozens of different platforms and operating systems. 

You can get started in a few hours and engage product verification testing, not only during the testing phase of an existing website or app, but also one you haven’t even launched yet. In fact, you can also use product verification testing after any new release or patch. 

And by using the Crowdsprint platform for conducting your comparison studies you’ll lower testing costs, drive scale and increase speed to market by understanding exactly what your users want and getting the results you need, when you need them, without the noise. 

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