Pre-App Store Rating Testing

Test your users opinions, before their opinions test you

Why is Pre-App Store Rating Testing important?

Designing, developing and deploying your application can take every ounce of your development team’s experience, expertise and enthusiasm.

Once that long, arduous app journey has taken place and you are finally ready to launch, it’s completely natural to take a breather. However, for your digital product to be truly lucrative and lasting there is ‘one’ final benchmark to strive for.

If you can harness this one benchmark from the start and continually build upon it, your product will soar and potentially reach that platinum ‘most popular app’ status. However, without it your product will slip further and further down the charts until it ceases to exist.

What is this benchmark? It is your iTunes and Google Play app rating.

It is the one benchmark that will make or break your app from day one. And once you’ve slipped from a poor rating, it is near impossible to claw yourself back up. That is why now more than ever it is vital to get your app right before releasing it to the public.

How do you craft an app your users will rate through the roof?

  • How can your developers pinpoint exactly what end users think about your app?
  • How can you give your new born app the best possible chance in life prior to launch?
  • And vitally, how do you get a high rating in iTunes and Google Play from your users?

To reach the pinnacle of app ratings, your app needs to be loved, do what it says it will do (and more) and it has to be used like crazy by thousands of users right out of the gate.

However, the only way to understand how your app will perform, and to gauge its performance, is to have real users, in real world situations tinker and toil with a live version of your app to see how it rates. Then to collect candid, balanced feedback from them.

With internal testing, however, there is always a high risk of operational blindness. Also, because you are testing in an artificial environment, it is near impossible to get balanced, valid, real-world feedback.

The other problem is that even if you hire a group of testers that meet the precise conditions of your target market, the time and cost of this endeavour is highly prohibitive.

However, there is a solution and it’s called crowdsourced testing.

Through the power of the crowd you can now pinpoint exactly how to excite your users and get your app store rating before you launch to the masses

In fact, there is no better way to pre-test your app rating than getting crowds of users with your exact needs to test your app before you launch.

Through Crowdsprints testing platform you can conduct your Pre-App Store Rating Testing by harnessing over 20,000 testers in 100 countries. Here’s how:

  • First, you’ll choose a crowd testing group matching user who you know use your app
  • Second, using a live version of your app your users can explore it in their own time and then provide a star-based rating (just like they would in the app store) while also adding comments to validate their opinions
  • Lastly, you can access and evaluate the ensuing results, and data, centrally and conveniently located on your personal dashboard found on the Crowdsprint platform. Or if you prefer, you can connect with a Crowdsprint Project Manager and get them to help you collect and assess your results

After only a few hours of testing you can download a detailed report that will show you what rating your app will receive in the app store.

If you get a poor test rating, you now have the data to make your app better. In fact, you can now identify holes, gaps and tech problems and recognise exactly what refinements and tweaks you need to make to get your app to the level you require.

If you get a high rating you can power ahead, confident in the knowledge that your new app will get the rating it deserves, functions as intended, gives your users an exciting experience and hits the ground running.

Now that you know exactly what the crowd thinks of your app and the ways to enhance your apps chances of success, all you need to do is start.

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