Post go-live optimisation

A proactive strategy for moving ahead in the IT roadmap

What is post go-live optimisation?

The primary participants in the post go-live optimisation stage are project/product owner, project manager/test manager, technical/functional leads and maintenance/support groups. The post go-live optimisation process seeks to deliver the user/administrator training and support documentation and the project transition document. Key activities involved in the stage include the following:

Ensuring deployment milestones are achieved as per the deployment plan

Ensuring preparation of end users for the changed or new process/system

Engaging necessary support resources in preparing for the final hand-off

The post-launch stage requires developers and testers to focus on the following key aspects:

  • User engagement and retention
  • Measurement of performance metrics
  • Customer support
  • Push notifications for mobile apps
  • User incentives

Failing to craft a post go-live optimisation strategy can expose you to organisation confusions and numerous project drawbacks. At the same time, it can lead to plummeting acceptance rates, just causing your digital product to lose the preference of end users.

What can Crowdsprint do for you?

Crowdsprint helps you to leverage the power of crowdsourced testing in overcoming the challenges involved in the post go-live optimisation stage. Our crowd testing services are useful in assessing the digital product from the perspective of end users and deriving actionable insights that drive your market penetration and growth.

We, at Crowdsprint, offer crowdsourced testing services that help you navigate complex post go-live scenarios. We help develop necessary support systems to bridge the gap between product owners and end users, thus maintaining a smooth flow of communication between two parties. Any software implementation and adoption takes time. So, Crowdsprint develops a strategy that would enable end users to educate themselves before embracing the new digital product.

Why do you need crowdsourced post go-live optimisation services?

Smoother and faster implementation and adoption of changes Allocating and monitoring resources more effectively Continuous customer support and the timely addressing of concerns A better response to new issues

We understand the complexities involved in new website, cloud or mobile application pre and post-live implementation process. Let us help you take the worry away after you go-live.

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