Not Just Part of the Crowd: the Real People Behind Crowdtesting

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Crowdsourced testing, or crowd testing, is the movement driving a revolution in testing across all kinds of software. By giving any developer access to a massive base of testers at reasonable cost, the ability to crowd test is eliminating traditional issues with test coverage and sample sizes, resulting in better software overall.

Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of such a positive force? Today we’ll go over the pros and cons of joining a crowd testing effort at crowdsprint, and how it can be surprisingly easy to make yourself a good income by doing so.

Who’s on the team? There’s no one template for a crowd tester

The nature of crowdsourcing naturally gives us a rich variety of testers on our current teams. We have university qualified industry veterans working alongside self-taught experts, specialists in the target field, recent graduates and professionals looking for some extra cash. We have team members testing for us on the equivalent of casual, part time, and full-time schedules; even more, in some cases.

It’s very common for our testers to be working full-time at another job, and then testing for us after hours for additional income. As long as you aren’t explicitly forbidden in your contract from undertaking freelance work, why not join our crowd testing community to keep your skills sharp and your wallet full?

Where does a crowd tester come from?

The answer is: anywhere in the developing and developed world. Doesn’t matter whether it’s Australia, Eastern Europe, US, New Zealand, India, Asia, or even Mars!  It actually doesn’t matter at all where you live. All we need from our crowd testers is some professional experience in software testing, a PayPal account so that we can pay you reliably, and the ability to put together a clear and legible defect report in English.

But how do our crowd testers work together?

After signing up to the crowdsprint crowd testing network, you can join in on a range of software testing projects. Different projects have wildly different goals and terms, so you’re sure to find something appealing. Be aware of the specific rules on your project; on some, the feedback on your test cases determines your payment. Others will take into account the number of bugs you identify, and their impact on the project, to determine how much you’re paid, or you may be paid for your detailed feedback regarding the usability of a website. Your participation in any given testing project is entirely your decision to make, giving each tester the freedom to only work on the projects that interest them the most.

Great work should always be rewarded

We frequently offer cash bonus prizes to the top performing crowd testers for a particular project, and with consistent performance you can also become an Elite Crowd Tester. Our elites are ranked favourably for their testing performance, are given first and exclusive opportunities to join in on premium test cycles when a client requests vetted and trusted testers, and are the first to hear about new and exclusive test cycles coming from our best customers. The more test cycles you join or have the chance to join, the better your pay, so don’t leave money on the table!

To find out more or to sign up as a tester now.

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