No, you don’t need IT experience to become a professional crowd tester

Crowd testing is based on the philosophy that the people most qualified to test your software are the people who look most like your customers. While seemingly a simply idea, it’s one that took a while to catch on and required specific forms of infrastructure.

Previously, to become a professional software tester, an individual had to go through a lengthy degree, then do sufficiently well to get noticed on graduation by an employer. Now, crowd testing is one of the most accessible places for anyone interested in a career in information and communication technology to start.

Giving you valuable experience

A friend of ours found himself in a predicament. He’s a smart guy, a real IT geek with a passion for technology and a tonne of practical IT experience, but he just never found the time to go to university and get his degree. When the time came for a career change and he started looking specifically for roles in IT, he ran into a lot of job ads demanding many years of steady, continuous employment in a corporate role, or with a particular qualification from an institution. While he had the skills needed to excel, he was getting knocked back before the interview stage because he didn’t have the specific type of experience companies wanted to see on his resume.

To fix this, he signed up with crowdsprint, getting valuable experience in testing that looks great to potential employers on a resume. He’s not only getting to improve his CV, he's getting hands-on experience with state-of- the-art software, helping him look more attractive to progressive organisations.

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The right choice for anyone in tech

If you’re just starting out in tech or are considering making the jump from another industry, signing up with a crowd testing company is a great way to get your feet wet without fully diving in. Do it in your own time, customise your workload around other commitments, and gain valuable experience in the industry. Not only is it an accessible choice, it gives you cutting edge experience that puts you head and shoulders above other candidates.

If you’re interested in becoming a crowdsprint tester, get in contact with us today.

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Bala Kalimuthu, National Manager Digital Services

Bala Kalimuthu, product owner at crowdsprint, is highly passionate about applying the power and intelligence of crowdsourcing to digital products. He helped launch crowdsprint as a global crowdsourced testing platform, and is an Agile coach/mentor, with extensive experience in project, program and portfolio management, service delivery management, practice management and test management.