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When referring to the company crowdsprint in written communications, use:

  • Crowdsprint with a capital C if the sentence starts with the company name. For example: Crowdsprint completed Village Cinema's test cycle in less than five days to meet a tight go-to-market deadline.
  • Crowdsprint with a lower case ​c if the company name is contained within a sentence. For example: Village Roadshow could not believe the number of defects they received 18 hours after briefing crowdsprint. 


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jamie duffield crowdsprint ceo and executive sponsor

Jamie Duffield
CEO & Executive Sponsor
T: +61 (0) 7 3305 9050

michael quill crowdsprint product sponsor

Michael Quill
Product Sponsor
T: +61 (0) 3 9600 2566

hamish leighton crowdsprint founter, governance and finance

Hamish Leighton
Founder, Governance and Finance
T: +61 (0) 3 9600 2566

bala kalimuthu crowdsprint product owner

Bala Kalimuthu
Product Owner
T: +61 (0) 3 9600 2566


Crowdsprint is for people (expert and non-technical) that want to join the crowd and earn money testing apps and website. For people who want flexible work and enjoy playing with new technology, crowdsprint provides an opportunity to up skill and earn casual income. Unlike existing crowdsourced testing providers, crowdsprint is an accelerator, nurturing and growing a tester's skill set, allowing them to graduate to higher levels of testing.


Regardless if organisations are developing a single app or transforming an entire enterprise, crowdsprint helps them to execute on their digital roadmap by providing appropriate crowdsourced testing services based on requirements and budget. For any organisation that wants to deliver better apps and websites for its customers or itself, crowdsprint enables testing of digital products at scale, faster, easier and cheaper. Crowdsourced testing services include: Functional Testing, Exploratory Testing, Test Case Execution, Cross Browser Testing, Device Compatibility Testing, User Experience (UX) Testing, Accessibility Testing, Alpha and Beta Testing, Localisation Testing, Regression Testing, Production Verification Testing, Static Testing, Security Testing and more.


As technology rapidly advances and disruption ripens, we believe the quality of applications should improve at the same rate. We therefore exist to enable to access the best crowdsourced testing services. When we couldn't find a solution to our problem, we created one.

Crowdsprint was created by Revolution IT, the leaders in enterprise software testing in Australia. They created a platform to fill a gap in its very own market, as other platforms did not deliver enough value to its clients. The founders have combined experience of over 13 years' of consultancy. They know the market better than anyone and are the most qualified to deliver the most value, through making the best crowdsourced testing platform available to everybody. In October 2016, Revolution IT rebranded it’s crowdsourced testing service to crowdsprint (Crowdsprint Pty Ltd). With the rebrand, the technology behind the crowdsourced testing platform was revamped, totally redefining the user experience (UX), with improved data security and simplified functionality for both Testers and Organisations wanting to test digital projects.