Market Insights and Competitor Analysis

Outpace your competition through the power of crowdsourced testing

Regardless of how ground-breaking your new website or app idea is, your digital product won’t sell, or convert, if you’re not deeply connected, and in touch, with what your users or customers want.


The key is to ‘know’ your industry inside and out

One of the most effective and intelligent ways to do this is by collecting market insights and conducting a detailed competitor analysis to know your industry and apply those critical answers to your website or app to improve it.
This will:

Help drive your business to the top of your industry

Assist you to make decisions that impact your business

Drive conversions and sales that effect your bottom line

The old-school way of discovering those marketing insights was to employ a team of marketers to engage focus groups, polls and beta testing, to building upon subsequent versions of a product to see what works best.  This method used to take a long time to complete


The new way to fast-track market intelligence is to use the power of the crowd

Today, we can speed up your market insights and competitor analysis process and help you position your website or app at the top of your sector by harnessing the power of enterprise crowd testing.

How can Crowdsprint help you outsmart your competitors?

We’ll help you with a broad range of cost-effective, crowdsourced marketing research solutions, including the ability to:

  • Perform crowd-based market research before product launch or development
  • Get tester opinions about competitors digital products, so you can optimise your website or app
  • Create customised test designs that are based on your research criteria
  • Apply lead generation research
  • Conduct Social Media monitoring
  • Investigate brand monitoring
  • Work out how to classify your content
  • And so much more

Outperform your competitors

With crowdsourced marketing insights you can now use the power of the crowd to see which of your target markets perform the best and craft a website or app that not only outperforms the competition but satisfies and delights your users.


Major companies trust their testing requirements to us everyday. Let us take care of your marketing insights and real user feedback, so you can see the power of crowdsourced testing with your own eyes

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