Localisation Testing

Your users are everywhere, so why aren’t you?

Today the world is no longer local, it’s global. The connected nature of society has put brands under pressure to deliver seamless website and app experiences over numerous devices, multiple platforms and across countless cultures.

With the demands of a global consumer base, now more than ever it’s vital that your digital products can adapt to changing environments across multiple continents. It’s vital that you can meet the language and cultural requirements of different target markets and locals.

Your website or app needs to cater to the specific preferences and tastes of people found on all corners of the globe. Companies and brands that understand this distinction will thrive in the world economy.

Localising your digital offering is vital for your brand to thrive and create a lasting impression. In fact, moving beyond your domestic market and onto the world stage via localisation testing is key to beating competition and driving your product to success.


Localisation testing will help you to look at 3 vital areas:

Your website or apps function, language and design

Localisation testing using your internal testing department is both costly and complex. It can be filled with errors in translation, cultural discrepancies and faulty expressions. That’s because you have to test for localisation elements like:

  • Whether your website or app will load properly in your country of choice?
  • Can images be localised properly and are they culturally appropriate?
  • Input/output validation. Can forms accept input from target language characters?
  • Do all your localised links connect to the right native pages?
  • And there is more. That’s only the tip of the iceberg.
  • Will content for your products be correctly translated in all relevant languages?
  • Are the date, calendar or temperature formats adapted to native standards?
  • Are error messages or geographical locations localised in the right format?
  • Is your digital product compatible on localised platforms, OS’s and devices?

Crowdsprint’s localisation testing makes your localisation efforts highly affordable, effective and easy. Our 20,000+ testers in over 100 countries can be selected based on different demographic criteria that precisely meet the needs of your consumer base.

Your website or app will be tested under real world conditions by natives, on local devices who are in your chosen target market. This means that your translations will be accurate, easily understood, contextually specific and all imagery is culturally correct.

Reach out to the entire world through the power of the crowd

Crowdsprint’s Project Managers will support you along your entire localisation testing journey from test design, evaluation and beyond.

Lower your testing costs, drive scale and increase speed to market by understanding exactly what your international users want and getting the results you need, when you need them, without the noise.

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