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New or improved online eCommerce apps, websites and shopping carts can be tested thoroughly prior to go live. You can identify and fix bugs in the software early before your customers find them, ensuring customer’s expectations are met and exceeded.

The major differences between crowdsourced testing and more traditional methods include:

The Testing Title Fight: Crowdsourced vs. Traditional

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The end user experience of digital media assets are moments of truth shaped by changing desires in the way audiences consume music, information, video or television, and news. Make these moments count by testing your software thoroughly with crowdsourced testing.



Travel & Leisure software integrates with many platforms and requires real-time customer experiences to be maintained. Crowdtest your software so customers have confidence that they can book, plan and navigate via their smartphone or tablet 24/7, 365 days of the year.

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Fitness and nutrition is now readily available at the touch of a button thanks to the numerous health and exercise apps available for smart phones. Lower the cost of testing your website or app, drive scale and increase speed to market.


By crowdsourced testing your education and learning software, website or app, you can find and fix bugs so teachers, parents and students feel confident in mobile learning in both the classroom and at home.

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Busy people need serious apps to help them manage their money and lifestyle. Whether it’s tracking daily spending to starting with an investment strategy, the financial services sector needs to launch new digital products quickly to remain relevant against the competition. It’s here that crowdsourced testing and usability testing reign supreme.

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With millions of games available in the Apple and Google Play Stores alone, it’s a highly competitive market. Whether you want to turn your web, cloud-based or mobile apps into revenue making machines, or simply want to give your customers a flawless user experience, crowdsourced testing will identify defects and ensure you are ready to go to market.


IT & Telco’s integrate a multitude of systems and applications from corporate websites, billing, charging, CRM, CMS, Point of Sales and more. With crowdsourced testing you can test in hours instead of days to fix software defects quickly, to ensure little to no disruption to customer satisfaction.
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Increasingly, people want to access government resources from the palm of their hand via their smartphone or tablet. Ramp up cost-effective testing quickly to review your apps for functionality, usability and security defects before you release them.


Energy and Utilities is a critical sector that keeps us moving. Sophisticated apps with in-context information are driving new levels of productivity and rapid ROI. By crowdtesting them, you can minimise the risks of your apps breaking, ensure they simply work.

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Manufacturing is complex at the best of times. Each part of the complex digital process needed for efficient manufacturing requires thorough testing. Crowdsourced testing is a cost-effective and powerful way to test online applications with real customers, in real-time environments, using real devices.


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