To discover hidden solutions to your unique business challenges, it’s vital to systematically hunt for ideas linked to your products, processes, markets, policies, customers, employees-or any idea you can think of-and then to collect them through our testing tailored methods for web, mobile and cloud apps.

An easy, fast and effective way to do this is to harness the power of the crowd.

When crowdsourcing is used as an ideation solution, you’ll have the ability to discover ‘unseen’ global insights, explore your creative potential, become a leading digital innovator, and so much more, by engaging the insights you’ve gathered on the Crowdsprint platform.

Here are a few ways Ideation
can be used to enhance your business

  • Find and cultivate pioneering ideas found with your workforce, customers or market
  • Develop, improve and validate your local or global business strategy
  • Discover subject matter experts and target audience agents matching your products
  • Uncover and leverage fresh crowds for open innovation
  • Collect and scale innovative ideas for your digital products or services
  • Reach and develop innovative communities for your customers
  • Create solid relationships with customers by engaging them in ideation campaigns
  • Craft a platform for employees to contribute their expertise and strengthen culture
  • Transform prospects into customers by suggesting products matching their expectations so you can establish market dominance

Inspire ideation through one innovative platform


You can also discover, explore and gather your target group’s innovative ideas using customisable ideation surveys, word clouds, ratings charts and live community-forum discussions while interacting with participants via Crowdsprint’s platform.

Ideation will help you create enduring relationships with your customers, allow your employees to contribute their expertise to exciting challenges and convert prospects into loyal customers by offering products and services tailored to their personalities.

And by using the Crowdsprint platform for ideation you’ll lower testing costs, drive scale and increase speed to market by getting the ideation results you need, when you need them, without the noise.

That’s why Crowdsprint, with over 20,000 testers in 100 countries, is the leading platform to crowd test your ideas.

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