How One Media Giant Avoided Launching A Dud iOS app Thanks To Crowdsourced Testing

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A national Australian media company approached crowdsprint to have crowdsourced testing performed on its new iOS applications. While they knew crowdsourced testing would be a useful addition to their in-house testing, little did they know just how valuable that testing would be.

Crowdsourced testing of two new iOS applications

The news industry has faced significant upheaval in recent years because of digital advancements.

News consumers are bombarded with content everywhere they look. As a result, being able to attract reader attention, and keep it, is key. This is because people don’t have the time or patience for faulty or unoptimised technology.

Media companies are well-aware they need to keep up or face potential collapse.

The company had built two new iOS applications in support of their two biggest news publications. They pursued crowdtesting with the hope they would be able to launch both apps as seamlessly as possible.

That’s why the media company wanted to ensure its new applications were as bug-free and user-friendly as possible. They did not want to go to launch with faulty apps.

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Crowdsprint’s global testing pool

The app was distributed to crowdsprint’s global testing pool quickly and easily when the test cycle commenced.
30 testers from 17 countries reported 120 valid defects across both applications over five days.
This was in addition to the 87 defects reported internally by the company’s team.
Crowd testers reported defects across numerous devices and operating systems. It was found that most of the defects impacted functional and user interface components of the apps. If these defects had not been found prior to going-to-market, it could have had devastating user retention effects as a result.
Further, over 50 usability suggestions were provided by users. These suggestions helped to improve the ease of use of the apps.
The media company vastly improved their processes by combining internal testing with crowdsourced testing. They were able to detect significant defects throughout their apps and identify areas for improvement. As a result, their development team then made quick improvements and fixes.

Consequently, they were able to launch two high-quality, user friendly, functional iOS applications to a market that demands excellence. That’s news worth sharing.

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