Test with confidence, faster and within your budget

Only 5 steps to Crowdsourced Testing

We set up your project

We set up your project

  • We assign a dedicated Test Lead to your project
  • Discuss your business needs and goals and
  • Define your testing scope, requirements, test cases and special instructions
Testing starts right away

Testing starts right away

  • We co-ordinate your test environment, test data and secured network access
  • Launch test cycle to thousands of suitable testers across the world
  • 25 to 250 professional testers will start testing within a few hours
We manage and monitor your testing progress

We manage and monitor your testing progress

  • Closely manage test coverage of requirements and devices
  • Guide and supervise the testing team
  • Regular progress updates and real-time visibility from online portal
We review and validate defects

We review and validate defects

  • Our Test Lead reviews every defect and test result
  • Recreates all reported issues
  • Removes duplicates and invalid defects
Receive results in less than a week

Receive results in less than a week

  • Our Test Lead prepares your final reports
  • Online access and walk-through of deliverables
  • In-depth testing completed in 1 to 5 days

How fast can your project take with Crowdsprint?

Ramp up Testers

01 – 05 Hours

Start Testing

01 – 08 Hours

Test Cycle Completed

01 – 03 Days


Real time

Our managed services

At Crowdsprint we efficiently manage your entire project from start to finish and deliver on time, every time.

We complete

We take ownership
of Projects

We review defects
and duplicates

We send daily

Provide real-time
Progress visibility

We Manage
the crowd

At the agreed
Fixed price

Here is what we deliver to you

Reports and Graphs

Test plan

Defects log

Test case execution results

Test summary report

Video and screen attachtments

Online real time visibility on our dashboards

Your test results and reports could be downloaded everytime from our free online testing management tool which also integrates tools such as Jira and Microfocus ALM (previously known as HP ALM).

Create the testing project that suits your digital products the most

We offer flexibility and multiple options to suit your testing project requirements. Once you’ve checked and selected which services are the most suitable from our list of digital testing and user insight services, you can select from these different type of options:

  • Which team will be participating in your testing project?
Our Crowdsourced Team

Our Crowdsourced Team

Use our crowdsourced experienced digital testers and customer-like users from targeted demographies using our platform to participate in functional testing or usability testing for your digital project.

Your Internal Team

Your Internal Team

Use your internal testing team, employees, contractors or even customers to participate in your digital testing using our platform as a Testing Management Tool.

  • Who is responsible for managing the crowdsourced team, their tasks, deliverables and outcomes?
Managed by us

Managed by us

We help you launch your digital project and test cycle to suitable testers and customer-like users. We carefully select participants and guide them. We closely monitor the test progress and keep you updated. We review and reproduce every reported defect and test result before deliverables.

Managed by you

Managed by you

You can create small testing tasks and ask testers to directly submit their testing quotes to you. Select one or more testers based on their profile, skills, experience, rating and their quote. You can directly manage the testers and the work they produce.

What our clients say

The crowd testing cycle represented excellent value for money–taking into account the number of testers involved, the amount of testing performed, the mobile device coverage, and the quantity of defect information and user feedback received.


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