Functional Testing

Ensure your web, mobile or cloud apps delight your users

In an ideal scenario, when you launch a new website or app it would work exactly the way it was supposed to. However, the reality is often a lengthy bugging process, broken platforms, device and browser issues, usability problems and so on.

To prevent this from happening you would have to perform functional testing to your website or app across a large variety of different devices, browser and geographical locations before going live. To achieve this sort of coverage can take huge amounts of time, money and a high level of frustration.

There is an easier and more efficient way to functionally test your website or app

With Crowdsprint, you can utilise the power of crowdsourced testing(over 20,000 professional, independent and certified testers in over 100 countries and growing) to functionally test your website or apps under real-world conditions and detect any functionality issues or defects before you go live.

The two types of functionality tests are exploratory testing, where testers explore your website or apps themselves, and the other one is called test case execution where testers follow a script.

Using either exploratory testing or test case execution, or ideally a combination of theĀ  two, you can connect to the Crowdsprints platform to:

  • Monitor your progress along the entire test cycle
  • Receive live coverage of your test results
  • Complete device and browser coverage
  • Obtain detailed test summary reports upon completion of your test cycle.

In a few days, Crowdsprint will help you functionally test your website or app so you can launch a working, stress-free version and deliver it on-time.

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