Why use exploratory testing?

Access to thousands of devices and configurations through 20K testers in 100 countries

Your team can create a custom bug report that defines the way bugs are reported

Track bugs live on the Crowdsprint platform and export them to your test team

Be fully supported during your test project with a Crowdsprint Q&A Project Manager

The crowd in this case are certified test experts, IT specialists and developers who, directed by our project managers, will guide and coach the crowd to develop exploratory test cases that are tailored to the specific requirements of your website or application test project.

Exploratory testing helps your business “dive deep” and exposes issues that regular testing cannot find, along with simplified planning, documentation and reporting.

With Crowdsprint’s on-demand exploratory testing, you can now fill the gaps in your testing strategy, find bugs and discover critical errors before they reach customers and finally launch with confidence.


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