Meet your New Test​ Management Tool

Now it's easy and free to manage defects, test cases and deliver high quality apps on the web, cloud and mobile

Stay on top of your testing

Keep track of all your testing in one place

Organise your projects, test cycles, test cases, execution results and defects online and access anytime.

Easy to generate reports and graphs

Spend less time preparing reports and more time taking decisions. Deep-dive into your test results and defects with extensive out-of-the-box reports.

Real-time visibility & transparency

Valuable insights and actionable metrics
from our online dashboard.

What you'll get

Accelerate your test planning, preparation, execution and reporting. An effective and efficient management tool of your defects and test assets.

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Frequently asked questions

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How many Test cycles can I set up with this tool for my ...

Do you follow Industry Standards for defect types or can...

Is this a secured platform?

What type of testing can I manage with crowdsprint's...

Can I export defects into Jira?

Who do I contact if I have any issues?

Our solution can cover your core needs while
managing your testing for free

Happy Testing!

Accelerate the planning, delivery and support of your apps

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