Design clarity into your products

When you have clear, well-defined design goals, when all your team are on-board with the planned results and when your design idea has been validated, you’ll find the path to the finish line is easier and more straight forward-especially before creating your prototype

More importantly, when designing your website or app, the most valuable source of feedback are your users. After all, they are the ones who will use your product day in, day out. They are the perfect audience to help you shape and improve your winning idea.

How do you create clear, well-defined design goals and involve your users in the process?

Harness the power of the crowd!

By engaging hundreds of customer-like users as part of your crowdsourced design assessment, you can assess your design prior to putting in the time and effort to create your prototype and eventually your product.

Validate your design by engaging the crowd

By adding a crowd test cycle into the pre-development phase of your web, mobile or cloud apps, you can:

  • Minimise the danger of wasted development and post-launch bugs on your website or app by knowing it’s strengths and weaknesses from the start
  • Recognise how your users experience content, design and interface exchanges, so you can improve your design
  • Determine which user segments love your idea and then build this knowledge into your design
  • Embed design modifications and UX that match your users’ needs
  • Validate and refine your budget and time estimates to avoid high expenses from missing implementation deadlines

Plus, engaging a crowdsourced design assessment at the same time as your prototype evaluation process is also smart move because not only does it encourage effectiveness during your build but it also saves you time and resources.

Increase users acceptance of your website and app

We’ll help you with a broad range of cost-effective, crowdsourced marketing research solutions, including the ability to:

  • Involving target users and UX experts from the crowd for fast, live design iterations
  • Wireframing / Prototype Evaluation, Card Sorting, Tree-Testing and A/B Testing
  • Getting detailed design summary reports provided by Crowdsprint experts
  • Remote and on-site assessments uploaded to your Crowdsprint dashboard

A simple crowd tested design assessment prior to prototyping your product can help you rapidly uncover any faults in your design and craft a far superior product than you could ever have imagined. Crowd testing in the pre-development phase is a wise move.

We’ve successfully helped hundreds of brands assess their website or app designs to delight and excite their audiences before launch. Let the team at Crowdsprint help you do the same with your design today.

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