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Crowdsourced testing is changing software, mobile, web and cloud-based app testing.

By driving down testing times, reducing costs and vastly increasing test coverage, crowdsourced testing is sending shockwaves throughout the software testing industry. We provide access to the world’s largest pool of testers – up to 100,000 testers globally and 1,000s of specialist testers locally.

For suitable applications and test types, the benefits are dramatic. Testing that once covered 2 to 5 devices now covers 20 to 50 devices, and you can ramp up testing in hours instead of weeks. By testing applications on real devices with real users, companies can vastly improve defect detection rates, shorten time-to-market and reduce overall testing costs.

Review a complete rundown of crowdsourced testing’s benefits. Find out how we maximise these benefits for our clients globally.


For many applications and test types, crowdsourced testing improves software testing’s effectiveness and efficiency.

Crowdsourced testing can: Drive down overall test costs by 50-70% Increase test coverage by up to 10-times; Ramp up your testing team in hours not weeks; Test on-demand as soon as it suits you; Analyse real devices on real networks with real users; and, target testing with selected tester demographics.

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Crowdsourced testing can sometimes replace other kinds of software testing, and at other times it’s a powerful tool that complements more traditional approaches. Common test types suitable for crowdsourced testing include functional testing, user experience (UX) testing, exploratory testing, user acceptance (UA) testing, performance testing and security testing to name just a few. 


We apply all our usual rigorous standards across the entire process, from ensuring testing covers all stated requirements, to delivering test results that are consolidated, detailed and prioritised. We also ensure all crowdsourced testing dovetails with our clients’ in-house or out-sourced testing. This enables companies to be confident that testing requirements, timelines and cost savings will be met. We provide access to the world’s largest pool of testers – up to 100,000 testers globally and 1,000s of specialist testers locally. We ensure all testing requirements are met We monitor and manage test coverage and performance of test teams. We provide visibility to real time testing progress via our client portal. We provide consolidated, detailed test results. We can integrate into your current test tools such as JIRA and HP Quality Centre.

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