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The Next Big Thing In The Indian IT Industry

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Crowdsourced software testing is opening global doors for Indian IT workers.While certain areas of the Indian Information Technology (IT) industry stall, others, such as crowdsourced software testing, are set to enjoy a boom over the next 5-10 years, and you could be part of it. ​Crowdsourced software testing is a disruptive new stream of the global […]

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How To Get Paid As A Software Tester

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Looking to get into software testing? Crowdsourced testing is not only an accessible way to break into the software industry, it’s at the cutting-edge of the field and offers a number of fantastic opportunities for individuals. If you’re looking to make the jump, it pays to do your research.Traditional 9-to-5 office-based testing jobs are very […]

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The Future of Product Testing Will Be Defined by People Like You

Group of people testing new software products on mobile devices and laptops

An interview with Bala Kalimuthu, Product Owner – Crowdsprint   It’s hard to count the ways in which the digital age has transformed life as we know it. If I mention the Internet, smartphones and social media, it just scratches the surface of how significantly the world has been impacted by new technology in recent years, let […]

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Become A Crowd Tester In 4 Simple Steps

Does working from home, flexible hours and potential for growth sound like a great way to earn extra income? As a tester with crowdsprint, you’ll get paid to help improve the latest mobile apps, games, websites and multi-media projects before they go live. The best part: you don’t need any experience to get started. Crowdsprint’s […]

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Press Release: Crowdsprint brings sharing economy to digital user testing

Crowdsprint seeking testers of all calibres to join new technology platform Strong demand for crowdsourced testing services drives global expansion MELBOURNE, 1 December 2016 –  Crowdsprint Pty Ltd, a crowdsourced testing company, today announced a major revamp of the technology behind its crowd platform. The company also invited everyday non-technical users, as well as qualified […]

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Not Just Part of the Crowd: the Real People Behind Crowdtesting

Image of Blog Post - Who’s In the Crowd?

Crowdsourced testing, or crowd testing, is the movement driving a revolution in testing across all kinds of software. By giving any developer access to a massive base of testers at reasonable cost, the ability to crowd test is eliminating traditional issues with test coverage and sample sizes, resulting in better software overall. Why wouldn’t you […]

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