How I Built A Career By Becoming A Crowd Tester

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Priya Venkatesan talks about why she first became a crowd tester and how it helped her land a full-time job at Ampion.

It feels like only yesterday that I heard about crowd testing for the first time. I was a full-time student at the time, pursuing a bachelor’s degree and trying to find what little spare time I had to read, cook, tend to the garden and head out with friends. Some of these friends had been working on the crowdsprint platform for a few years, and I quickly became interested in how it all worked. Given that I was studying at the time (and a self-confessed IT geek), it sounded perfect – it was an opportunity to get some valuable industry experience without applying for a job. So, I explored the option, discovered it fitted me perfectly and signed up as a crowd tester.

I quickly learned that the average day of a crowd tester is not clearly defined. Since you are working on variable testing cycles, you have the full freedom and flexibility to work whenever you have some spare time. When a test cycle is launched, I would keep tabs on it – by simply following each new cycle as it is released, I can check its requirements and pick up any that are of interest to me. That way, I’m ready to work on them as soon as they are launched.

Transitioning into a full-time role

By crowd testing on a regular basis whenever I could spare some time in the day, I quickly gained plenty of experience and confidence in the field. I worked on a wide variety of projects that helped me pick up valuable knowledge and skills, which encouraged me to keep an eye out for job opportunities. Ampion advertised and, well, the rest is history!

  • My time as a crowd tester was highly rewarding.
  • It gave me the flexibility of working at my own convenience without even needing to look for a part time job.
  • I could also earn money to help cover living expenses while I studied and contribute to my student loan.

Aside from the practical benefits, I always enjoyed the fact that every testing project is unique. They all helped me build the skills I have today, and it encouraged me to pursue it further as a career pathway.

Why you should become a tester

Crowd testing is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who doesn’t have the free time or suitable lifestyle for a full time or part time job. You get to have fun and gain plenty of industry knowledge, all while earning a good income to support yourself along the way.

If you are even slightly considering becoming a crowd tester, I highly recommend signing up. Start sharpening your skills now and gain valuable insight into how the industry works – it will go a long way towards landing your first full time job.

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