Benefits of crowdsourced testing

Ensuring the best digital experiences for your customers

Speed to market

Speed to market

4x faster. Launch ahead of your competition. Ramp up in hours. Complete testing in 2 to 5 days

Higher quality assurance

Higher quality assurance

4x times more defects detected than with traditional methods

Increase your confidence to launch

Increase your confidence to launch

Test with real customer like users that fit your target demographics and gain better market insights

Increase scale

  • Engage 25 to 250 testers as opposed to 2 to 5 testers under traditional testing
  • Global community of 20,000+ testers in 100+ countries

Maximise coverage

  • Test across 20 to 50 devices instead of 2 to 5 devices
  • Increase your test coverage by 2 to 4 times

Drive project success

  • Provide 5 STAR user experience through your web and mobile apps

Decrease your testing expenses

  • Up to 50% cost reduction when compared to traditional testing

Apps that work for your customers

  • Tested by real users on real devices in real networks. Gain valuable feedback from customers before release

Peace of mind

  • You can focus on your customers and core business, while we take care of your testing

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