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number of testers

Our selection process

  • 1 We first call out for members of the community to participate in a client’s testing project.
  • 2 Once we’ve received your expression of interest, our Team Lead will carefully select the most suitable members and will let you know if you have been approved to start testing.
  •   This selection could vary according to:

Any previous experience

Any level of testing skills

Any specific geography

Any specific device, browser or
Operating System

Any specific demographic

Any likes or user preferences

Do you have what it takes?

We would love to hear from you if digital testing is something that interest you.

  • Are you a digital innovator?
  • Do you crave technology updates and digital trends?
  • Are you interested in the challenge of testing, finding bugs, narrating in detail your findings or even explain us your point of experience as a user of the websites, mobile or cloud apps that we test?
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Making digital testing more interesting for members

Be rewarded for your performance

In some of our digital testing types, we run test cycles that involve gamification. This is a rewarding process for members who enjoy competing and being rewarded for their performance. We like to see you strive to be the best. Earn a higher member rate for finding a higher number of valid bugs and even some difficult ones to discover.

Be recruited for more test cycles

As a member of our community, we like reliable, responsive and enthusiastic testers. Be considered more often when your profile sticks out from the crowd.

Be notified every time we run a project by email

As a member of our community, we will email when suitable crowdsourced testing projects become available. However, please be aware that we will select by hand the testers that are more relevant for each project.

Be encouraged to join a diverse community

We encourage all ages, gender, nationality, interests, levels of experiences, etc., to become part of our community.

There is no boundaries or limits to where websites, mobile or cloud apps can reach. We are all in this together and we are making our world an integrated place for everyone to have better digital customer experiences and enjoy more our everyday life.

Crowdsprint’s quality standards

We will assess the quality of your work with us in two ways:

  • We assess the quality of the written descriptions for  each defects you find and how this helped our clients to fix the issue.
  • We assess the quality, type and severity of the defects you find.

Crowdsprint’s Security Screening

  • Please do not be discouraged to be a part of our community by security questions, Confidentiality Agreements or Identity Proof requested by us.
  • Our duty is for our clients to feel their data is secured with us and to encourage them to use crowdsourced testing with our community of trusted and vetted testers.

Supporting our community

Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions

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