Become A Crowd Tester In 4 Simple Steps

Does working from home, flexible hours and potential for growth sound like a great way to earn extra income? As a tester with crowdsprint, you’ll get paid to help improve the latest mobile apps, games, websites and multi-media projects before they go live. The best part: you don’t need any experience to get started.

Crowdsprint’s global team of testers includes uni students, stay-at-home parents, full-time workers and everyone in between. If you have a background in software testing, great! If not, no problem. Join as a beginner and we’ll provide you with the foundation to build your experience and take on higher levels of testing.

Here’s how you can become a crowdsprint tester without even leaving your computer chair.


1. Register your details 

You can sign up and become a tester in minutes – there’s no need to come in for an interview or wait for a phone call. Simply fill out our online registration form and we’ll send you a confirmation email, which includes a link to activate your account. From there, log in to the online portal that you will use to view your dashboard, profile, projects, payments and more.


This is where you start.


2. Complete your profile 

The more detail you provide, the more work you’ll see coming your way. Some tests focus on specific devices, so it’s important that you add any desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones you own to ensure we can connect you with the right opportunities.


3. Take on your first project 

When we open a new test cycle that you are eligible for, we’ll send you an email invitation to participate. Follow the prompts to join the project as a tester, and you’re ready to start identifying bugs and defects right away. You can access your account dashboard to view earnings, recent activity, performance ratings and more.


4. Expand your skillset and reap the rewards 

Crowd testing is a pathway that presents numerous opportunities for growth. By learning from professional testers and upskilling over time, you can prove your worth as an accomplished tester and become eligible to work on bigger and better projects. Work from home at times that suit you, earn Value Points as you go and redeem said points to become a professional tester through certification.
Sign up as a crowdsprint tester today and start earning income at your own convenience.
Want more? Read up on becoming a tester or email the crowdsprint team at

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Bala Kalimuthu, National Manager Digital Services

Bala Kalimuthu, product owner at crowdsprint, is highly passionate about applying the power and intelligence of crowdsourcing to digital products. He helped launch crowdsprint as a global crowdsourced testing platform, and is an Agile coach/mentor, with extensive experience in project, program and portfolio management, service delivery management, practice management and test management.