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Crowdsourced Testing In The Government Sector – Harnessing The Power Of The Crowd For Secure Software Testing In Government

Benefits of secure crowdsourced testing for the government sector

Crowdsourced testing in the government sector is a growing global trend, and Australian governments would do well to harness its power. Indeed, some already are. Governments across Australia are undertaking several large multi-million dollar digital programs to deliver various services online to make it easier for the residents and businesses to access government services through […]

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Security Testing – Beware Of The Risks And Prevent Catastrophe

Security Testing – Beware Of The Risks And Prevent Catastrophe

​When it comes to software development, security testing should be taken seriously.Adobe found this out the hard way in 2013, when one of the biggest hacks in history resulted in the loss of 153 million account details. Hacked information included usernames, email addresses, credit card details, and encrypted passwords. Analysis showed Adobe had been using […]

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I Want To Test My Apps. Now What?

Woman holding coffee cup while testing apps

​Even the world’s greatest idea needs testing. With the global reach afforded to app developers through the iOS App Store and Android’s Google Play, it’s important to go beyond traditional models of testing. The biggest apps in the world are used by billions of people in countless environments. To achieve the kind of global, runaway […]

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8 Advantages Crowdsourced Testing Has Over In-House Developer Testing

Group of people using various devices to test software

Crowd testing is a rapidly growing software testing activity as part of the global crowdsourcing trend and there are plenty of reasons for its success.In the early days of software development, organisations would have their in-house software developer teams and other staff test products prior to launch. While there are some advantages to testing in […]

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Why testing non-profit digital initiatives for the developing world is crucial

woman in the developing world using technology

Many non-profit organisations around the world are doing admirable work. For example, they are working to bridge the digital divide between the developed and the developing world. Technology is allowing isolated and impoverished communities to better connect with each other and with service providers. This is thanks to the increased availability of information and communication technology […]

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10 Things You Need To Know To Succeed At Crowdtesting

10 things you need to know to succeed at crowdtesting

Due to the nature of crowd testing, the testers themselves range from inexperienced students through to industry professionals with some spare time on their hands. For all involved, it’s a great opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects and earn extra income – but how can you ensure you get the most out […]

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