Attn: University students in IT/Science with spare time on your hands

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You might still be at university, but if you’re on a break from the stress and deadlines of assessments, it’s worthwhile seeking out opportunities to enhance your growth by crowdsourced testing plans, apps and webpages.

Have you decided on a gap year? Or have you completed university altogether and, after finally taking part in the graduation ceremony, realised that you might need to take part in testing programs in order to find work?

Whatever your current position, given that you know the deal and learnt something in your classes, searching for these opportunities can offer a wealth of advantages. If you did well in your course and it relates to computer science and IT, you might want to become a tester and help businesses out at the same time.

It doesn’t matter if you attended an institution in Europe, USA, Australia, or New Zealand; if you are an appropriate candidate to take part in this form of testing then we want to hear from you.

Why should you become a tester?

Let’s be honest, the best part about becoming a university tester is getting that extra cash – everyone wants it, and we’ve got it here waiting for you. You will earn extra money for detecting bugs and defects, so why not give it a shot?

You will learn about your field without reading the heavy textbooks or sitting through a three-hour lecture. Through providing testing for a range of clients across a huge range of devices, you’ll experience learning through a fun and practical approach (and dare we say this again – all the while getting paid for it).

You will also gain plenty of hands-on industry experience, essential for finding a job in today’s cutthroat industry. Your CV will be enhanced greatly by adding new and essential skills to it, showing initiative and your interest in the field.

This is why we have so many students joining us in taking part in this testing – join us today to get extra cash, do something that is worthwhile, and boosts your CV.

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