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What is Alpha and Beta testing?

Alpha testing and Beta testing are web application and mobile app tests, but there’s difference in the timing and the way both tests are conducted. Let’s talk about Alpha testing. It is a type of user acceptance¬† testing which is performed to detect any issues or bugs before the software is released to end users. The test focuses on stimulating the actual users using White Box and Black Box techniques and perform tasks that the actual users are likely to perform.

What are the differences between Alpha and Beta testing?


Alpha testing is always conducted in the development environment by professional and skilled testers who are a part of the internal team. Primarily, Quality Assurance(QA), product managers and engineers are the stakeholders in Alpha testing. The reason why it’s called “Alpha” testing is that it is performed at the early stages of development, after the first QA testing but much before the Beta testing is done.


On the othar hand, Beta testing is also a form of user acceptance testing which is performed by the actual users of a web, mobile or cloud app. It takes place after Alpha testing and makes use of the actual environment in which users are likely to use the digital product. Beta testing forms the final phase of the testing process where the beta version of a software product is released only to select users located outside the organisation.


The ultimate goal of Beta testing is to gauge customer satisfaction and ensure that the software product is ready for the real environment. Quality management teams and product managers are primary stakeholders in Beta testing. The process brings people from the product’s target market to provide developers with useful insights on the overall experience of the product. Beta testing makes it possible for developers to fix critical issues and make improvements in the user experience before launching the digital product.


Failing to perform Alpha and Beta testing before launching the application can severely compromise with it’s experience and cause end users to avoid it. In short, it can simply risk product quality and reduce customers satisfaction.

How can Alpha and Beta testing improve your overall digital products performance?

Providing actionable analytical data to improve the application’s performance

Enabling product development based on user feedback

Increases customer satisfaction


How can Crowdsprint help you?

Thanks to the power of crowdsourced testing and our pool of over 20,000 testers, we can help you navigate the complexities involved in Alpha and Beta testing perfectly. Through our crowdsourced Alpha and Beta testing, you can make detailed changes to your product’s user experiences while gaining insightful data on its performance.

Our team of expert users and testers, managed by Crowdsprint, can make your web, mobile or cloud app a seamless digital experience before releasing it in the market.

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