3 Little-Known Advantages Of Crowdtesting

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You may already have some understanding of crowdtesting and a few of the major benefits it brings. It’s fast, it’s scalable and it can dramatically reduce costs for the testing phase of a project, making it a popular path for companies in a variety of industries. But is that all there is to it? There are a long list of advantages to be gained from crowdsourcing the testing phase, but here are a few that aren’t often talked about.

1. Expand the testing environment

When testing a project internally, a company can only produce limited scenarios based on available resources. In contrast, crowdtesting has the potential to expose the project to a large number of independent testers from all over the world; this dramatic increase in coverage helps ensure the platform is tested across many different devices, locations, languages, internet bandwidths and more. This approach is far more effective at testing under a variety of conditions: exposure to more variables, personalities and patterns makes it more likely to pick up additional bugs.

2. Validate ideas

When designing an app, website or computer program, in-house testing makes it difficult for companies to predict how customers (or potential customers) will respond to the product, and whether or not it truly meets their needs. Sometimes, it’s released based mostly on false hopes and ends up falling well below expectations. Crowdtesting makes it easier to tailor the project towards a target audience by involving testers of a specific demographic and responding to the feedback provided. If you are a 30-year-old female tester from Sydney, for example, a locally based company targeting your demographic can gain more from your tests than an internal team.

3. Remove internal bias

Local testing teams, and organisations in general, can be guilty of bias towards their own creations. It could involve pressure from upper management to push a flawed concept, or it could simply be the unintended effect of gathering like minds in one place. Including crowdtesting in the development of a project brings a fresh perspective into the fold, opening up new angles and giving attention to blind spots that may have otherwise been missed or ignored.

These advantages, along with many others, combine to make crowdtesting a serious player in the digital game. Did you know that you can become a tester – even with no experience? Find out more about signing up as a tester with crowdsprint and discover how you can join an exciting field that’s expected to grow immensely in the near future. Otherwise, email info@crowdsprint.com with an enquiry and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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